St. Devasahayam Pillai endured various tortures, one of which involved being transported on foot and on the back of a buffalo. Thirst was another form of torment inflicted upon him. In a place called Puliyoorkurichy, the Servant of God was positioned on a rock. Overwhelmed by thirst, he was denied water and instead given sewage water. With tears in his eyes, he fervently prayed to God and struck the rock with his elbow. Miraculously, water gushed forth from the rock, providing him with a much-needed drink.

Even to this day, the rock continues to supply water, attracting numerous visitors who come to witness this extraordinary fountain. In Tamil, this rock is known as 'Muttudichan Parai', which translates to the rock from which water sprang forth as Devasahayam Pillai, in his agonizing pain and thirst, rested his elbow upon it. Pilgrims still visit this fountain, drinking its water as a way to honor the memory of St. Devasahayam Pillai.

The Entrance Gate Pillar.

Word's Inscribed on the Granite stone :

On January 14, 1752, Devasahayam Pillai was killed for his faith in Christ at Kattadimalai, Kanyakumari district. As he was being brought to this place on a buffalo, he experienced intense thirst due to the torture he endured. He asked the soldiers for water to quench his thirst, but the water they provided was dirty and unfit to drink. Kneeling down on a rock, he prayed to Jesus and struck the rock with his elbow. To everyone's amazement, a miraculous fountain appeared and water gushed out. He drank from it and continued his journey. Today, people drink this miraculous water and receive God's healing. This rock is known as Muttidichanparai.

Fig. 1 - The Shrine recently Built over the Miraculous "Rock Fountain"
Fig. 2 - The Church of St. Michael

The Miraculous Rock Fountain