One among the many of the Tortures the Servant of God went through is that he was taken by walk from place to place and on buffalo back. Thirst is another way of torture they put him into. The Servant of God was brought to a small place called Puliyoorkurichy where he was placed on a rock. He was overcome by thirst and being refused. Instead he was given sewage water. He prayed to God weeping, and hit the rock with his elbow, which gave forth water in a miraculous way he could drink. 

This rock continues even today to give water and even now people visit this fountain in large numbers. 

A small rock at puliurkurichi called in tamil 'Muttudichan Parai' , meaning the rock from which water gushed forth as Devasahayam in excruciating pain and thirst rested his elbow on it. The fountain is still there and pilgrims visit and drink water in memory of Blessed Devasahayam.

The Entrance Gate Pillar.

Word's Inscribed on the Granite stone :
On January the 14 th 1752 Devasahayam Pillai was martyred for Christ at Kattadimalai, Kanyakumari district. On his way, seated on a buffalo he was brought to this place. Due to the various torture he suffered he felt very thirsty. He requested the soldiers for some water to drink. He could not drink the filthy water given to him. Kneeling down on this rock he prayed to Jesus. He hit the rock with his elbow. what a wonder! A miraculous fountain appeared on the rock and water gushed out. He drank it and continued his journey. Today people drink this miraculous water and get God's healing. This rock is called Muttidichanparai.

Fig. 1 - The Shrine recently Built over the Miraculous "Rock Fountain"
Fig. 2 The Church of St. Michael

The Miraculous Rock Fountain 

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